Great Canadian Burlesque At The Casbah

This Wednesday night, come out and do something different.  You could go listen to someone singing in a bar, you could watch Idol, or you could come to the The Casbah for a night of burlesque, that titillating form of entertainment from the Jazz Age.  Hosted by Mysterion and featuring Tanya Cheex, the first inductee into Canada’s Burlesque Hall of Fame, the night is sure to be hot hot hot!  Also on stage, some of Canada’s best: Fionna Flauntit, Chaos Divine, Esther De Ville, Frenchie Fatale, Dolly Berlin, Karen Gaulin, and Vivianne La Vamp.  The show will also include comedians Blair Streeter and Anto Chan, mentalist and psychological entertainer Mysterion, and singer Christian Dee.

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