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6 Valentine’s Day Events Happening In Hamilton

Find out what’s Happening in Hamilton this Valentine’s Day:

1. Valentine’s Day Waterfall Illumination

tumblr_inline_n0wcvtKrlt1qftoaqThe City of Waterfalls is a wonderful Hamilton organization that not only has a website with information about ALL of the waterfalls in Hamilton (visit the website here), but also illuminates various waterfalls in the Hamilton area.

A Valentine’s Day waterfall illumination is scheduled for this Friday, February 14th. Safety is very important to the City of Waterfalls, so the illumination could be cancelled depending on the weather.

2. ArtCrawl

James Street North hosts an art crawl every second Friday of the month, where artists will début and display their artworks.

3. Comedy

On February 14th, comedians Lawrence Morgenstern and Paul Haywood are lined up to perform at Yuk Yuks in downtown Hamilton. Comedy can be a great way to ease the tension of a first date or spend Valentine’s Day with friends.

4. Skating

tumblr_inline_n0wecsMwAI1qftoaqWith Friday forecasted as a mere -5, outdoor skating may be an excellent way to spend Valentine’s Day. The Hamilton Waterfront has a beautiful outdoor rink surrounded by the Festival of Lights and the warm Williams Café. If you don’t feel like venturing too far from your house, there are many outdoor rinks located throughout the city.

5. ‘The Heart of War’

Visiting the Dundurn National Historic Site for their new exhibit is a unique way to spend Valentine’s Day. The Hamilton Military Museum exhibit, entitled ‘The Heart of War’ explores the impact that World War I had on soldiers and their families. Visitors can view artifacts such as letters, postcards, or photographs from WWI soldiers.