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Meet Our New Contributors!

Happening Hamilton is excited to welcome to our team new Hamilton-lovers! Meet Krista and Michael, enthusiastic students wanting to learn more about our lovely city and write about it along the way. Look forward to more coverage of great events and their own perspectives on living in Hamilton.


I came to Hamilton in 2011 to attend McMaster University, but I first discovered the City of Hamilton itself when I accepted a volunteer position as a tutor at the N’Gen Youth Centre in downtown Hamilton. My experiences there made me curious to discover the rest of the City.  Now that I’ve been living in Hamilton for almost three years, I can say that I truly love what Hamilton has to offer, especially the beautiful trails and waterfalls that line the escarpment.

When you move to a new city it can be difficult to become part of the community, and it can be even harder if you are a McMaster student who is afraid to leave the campus. Happening Hamilton made it easier for me to get to know the city, and I hope to help others, both new and current residents, become involved in their community.

When people first heard I was moving to Hamilton for university, many inquired and wondered why I was doing such a thing. “McMaster is a great school and all,” they said, “But HAMILTON? Really? You want to be stuck for the next four odd years in the armpit of Ontario?” At the time I found it ironic to be hearing these comments from Winnipeggers, as they are known to loath the city of their residence with a passion when living there, but miss and crave it when they are gone. However, I always felt that people were always a little hard on my hometown, not giving it a chance to prove itself, of exploring it enough to find the true secrets and gems to be found. That’s the way I feel about Hamilton. Perhaps that’s why I felt almost instantly at home when I moved here 2011.  There is so much to see, so much to uncover. What better time than now to go out and find more reasons to fall in love with Hamilton, the city that has been, and will continue to be, my home.

END:CIV Hamilton Premiere with director Franklin López

If your homeland was invaded by aliens who cut down the forests and contaminated the food supply, would you resist? If creatures from outer space made the water so poisonous you wouldn’t dream of drinking it, would you try to stop them? If monsters released toxic chemicals that caused cancer in the people you love, would you fight back?

These aren’t idle questions. It’s happening now – except there are no aliens. The culture that’s cradled us since birth is a killer.

Great Weather, Get Out For Art Crawl

As expected with the 3rd Friday of the month, The James Street North Art Crawl will be in full swing tomorrow night. If you are looking for a fun night out to enjoy the beautiful May weather, look forward to art, music, vendors, and food. James St is known for being a central artistic hub in Hamilton, boasting dozens of galleries and creative industries. Expect to browse the wares of local artists and storefronts that open especially for the occasion. Also enjoy local art installments and exhibitions. Things start to pick up more around the evening, so plan to make this a night out.

Following a stroll down the main strip, head to This Ain’t Hollywood for some great live entertainment. The venue is located conveniently at the top of the main art crawl strip. This Friday, Keys N Krates will be headlining. If you are a fan of electronic or experimental music, you will enjoy t

hese guys as they mix live instrumentation with a collage of samples– a unique experience you will be guaranteed not to forget.

If you’re musical tastes are a little different, Oakville natives Stereokid will be headlining the Spring Music Festival with a performance at The Underground (Just off James at Catherine St. In the same building as Seventy Seven). Other headliners for the festival (happening all this weekend) include IllScarlett, Neverending White Lights, and Poor Young Things.