Welcome to Happening Hamilton! We are a group of both Hamilton natives and others more recently settled in Steeltown, and have started this blog to get the word out about events going on in Hamilton. Our only credentials are that we live in this city, and happen to love it. We want to make it better, and help connect people who might not otherwise find out about all the great things Hamilton has to offer.

We are interested in a whole range of cultural events, ranging from musical, artistic, literary and film events, to intriguing lectures, local food events, or really anything else that is creative or challenging or experimental in some way. We want to promote free/cheap events, accessible to everyone, and events hosted at independent venues that promote urban exploration and get people out into Hamilton. We would like to capture the unique flavour of Hamilton, demonstrating the diversity and distinctive character of our city.

If you have an event you would like us to post (or are interested in becoming a contributor), let us know, otherwise bookmark our blog and use it to keep up with all the great things happening in Hamilton.