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Surfacing: Contemporary Textile & Craft Objects

The 2011 Textile Program graduates of Sheridan College will be presenting ‘Surfacing’ – an exhibition featuring handmade textiles and designs.

‘Surfacing’ is a forum that encourages a dialogue about the treatment of surfaces in contemporary craft, specifically concerning fibre and textiles. The eleven participants have a varied number of works of art which represent a reflection of their craft experiences through the manipulation and embellishment of coverings, containers, and art installations. These interests lead the artists to shape their ideas and concepts into objects of substance, either functional or decorative or both.

Through layers of colour and texture embellished with print, dye, stitch, and felt, their tactile surfaces embody a sense of discovery and play. ‘Surfacing’ is something that should not be missed, and fits perfectly within an exciting craft rich Art Crawl.