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What Makes Alberta Beer a Delightful Must-have Beer

Beer is an alcoholic beverage that you can buy wherever you are in the world. This is because beer is not only a widely-accepted alcoholic drink that can get you drunk if you consume more than enough, but also because beer is a means of socializing with friends and colleagues. It is a drink that helps bind people together (except on situations where arguments and fistfights occur due to loss of inhibitions). Nevertheless, beer is a very popular drink that is not only easy on the budget, but is also very low in alcoholic content.

There are individuals or group of people who particularly consider themselves as wine drinkers; mainly because this is their preferred alcoholic drink as wine is claimed to have many health benefits. On the other hand, there are others who particularly pride themselves as beer drinkers because beer is their preferred alcoholic drink of choice. Unlike wine-drinkers who often brags about how healthy their drink is, what they don’t know is that beer is also a very healthy drink and has lots of potential health benefits.

When it comes to wine, there are low quality wines; and there are high quality wines. This also goes for beers. There are in fact many low quality beers found everywhere and most of these beers are manufactured and produced by large beer brewing companies. In fact, even the very popular brand of beer they produce can be considered as low-to-medium quality class if you are to compare the beer quality found in craft beers. Craft beers are made by small distilling companies wherein the owners of the company are the beer brewers themselves. This gives them better control as to the type and quality of beer they are making instead of the corporate methods wherein directions comes from above – from people who do not really know and understand the artistry of making beers.

Craft beers such as that made by Alberta Beer are widely known for their rich flavors, wide body, and pleasant aroma. Of course, craft beer is not just one single brew of beer. If you are not familiar with craft beer, you will be surprised to learn that there are different brews there to choose from. Many of which are experimentation on herbs and spices along with varying brewing methods that helps in creating different, but enticingly superb high quality fine tasting beer you will find nowhere else.

Che Burrito & Lounge

What are the first things that come to your mind when you think of Che Burrito & Lounge? It may be drinking PBR, too many $4 tequila shots, dancing to DJs and maybe even falling down their patio stairs. Sadly, despite its name, ‘burritos’ generally aren’t associated with the place—and they should be. Maybe it is reaching the ripe old age of 22 that is making me realize that Hess offers so much more than opportunities for young people to make fools of themselves. Perhaps this epiphany also occurred once I started taking advantage of their patios during the day. This summer I have indulged in daytime pints at Celidh House, sushi at Koi—and burritos at Che.