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Che Burrito & Lounge

What are the first things that come to your mind when you think of Che Burrito & Lounge? It may be drinking PBR, too many $4 tequila shots, dancing to DJs and maybe even falling down their patio stairs. Sadly, despite its name, ‘burritos’ generally aren’t associated with the place—and they should be. Maybe it is reaching the ripe old age of 22 that is making me realize that Hess offers so much more than opportunities for young people to make fools of themselves. Perhaps this epiphany also occurred once I started taking advantage of their patios during the day. This summer I have indulged in daytime pints at Celidh House, sushi at Koi—and burritos at Che.

Family Fun Night – Musical Fundraiser for the Fix Our World Festival

Two stages packed with talented local musicians to entertain you and your family all night long. The first stage features a Jazz n Blues lineup starting with the soulful R&B/Rock and Roll of Black Rose with singer Joe Rhodes an act proclaimed to be the best blues band around, also on that stage isGinger St. James with a spicy performance and throw back twang, and finally blending folk pop and bluegrass, David Lum. The second stage is more of a high energy dance party; first up the diverse catchy sound fresh off the Burlington punk rock scene All For Nothing,  followed by the rock and rollers Pull Start Rockets and trip hop from Blake Bliss.

Admission is $10 per person, all proceeds go towards the third annual Fix Our World Festival on the weekend of September 9th.  Food and refreshments will be available for sale.

Great Canadian Burlesque At The Casbah

This Wednesday night, come out and do something different.  You could go listen to someone singing in a bar, you could watch Idol, or you could come to the The Casbah for a night of burlesque, that titillating form of entertainment from the Jazz Age.  Hosted by Mysterion and featuring Tanya Cheex, the first inductee into Canada’s Burlesque Hall of Fame, the night is sure to be hot hot hot!  Also on stage, some of Canada’s best: Fionna Flauntit, Chaos Divine, Esther De Ville, Frenchie Fatale, Dolly Berlin, Karen Gaulin, and Vivianne La Vamp.  The show will also include comedians Blair Streeter and Anto Chan, mentalist and psychological entertainer Mysterion, and singer Christian Dee.

Acoustic Night At The Sky Dragon

This Friday night 10 performers will be honouring what many consider to be the most influential rock and roll band of the 20th century: The Beatles. If you are a fan come sing along to your favourite Beatles classics. If you’ve never heard of them you really need to get yourself up to date and all the help you need will be at the Sky Dragon. The far reaching tendrils of colourful sound emanating from The Beatles long past creative genius have been missing for no time and nowhere, man.


This Monday BARCADE is back! This monthly event will continue to makethe Brain the best barcade in town. Each event features a different theme about the history of video games, from the early days, through the crash of the 1980s right up to modern high def games. So make sure to join the fun and indulge your inner nerd, whilst placating your outer beer snob and listening to Kid Years spin chip-tune and video game inspired tracks.

This month has no game styled theme but is just based on middle school P.A. days when we would play video games and watch cartoons. So make sure to bring some friends and stop by the brain to have some beers.

END:CIV Hamilton Premiere with director Franklin López

If your homeland was invaded by aliens who cut down the forests and contaminated the food supply, would you resist? If creatures from outer space made the water so poisonous you wouldn’t dream of drinking it, would you try to stop them? If monsters released toxic chemicals that caused cancer in the people you love, would you fight back?

These aren’t idle questions. It’s happening now – except there are no aliens. The culture that’s cradled us since birth is a killer.